Community Updates

The year 2019 is special for Singapore and the Philippines. It marks 50 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries and, to commemorate the golden anniversary, a number of events have been lined up by various organisations in Singapore.

The “Bayanihan Walk” is an annual signature event of PBSS. It is a walkathon drawing people from across all sectors of Singapore, which promotes integration of Filipinos with the Singaporean community, apart from raising funds for PBSS. Since its debut 4 years ago, the Bayanihan Walk has been attracting an increasing number of participants and sponsors each year.

Bayanihan Walk 2019 will be held on Sunday,9 June 2019.

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This annual walkathon includes a 3.88 km fun-walk around Labrador Nature Park for a worthy cause. The event has 2 main objectives. Firstly, it aims to raise funds for the purpose of providing a more conducive environment at Bayanihan Centre for vocational skill training. Secondly, the event aims to integrate the Filipino community with the mainstream Singaporean community.

Bayanihan Walk 2017 will be held on Sunday, 21 May 2017.

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