Community Updates

The year 2019 is special for Singapore and the Philippines. It marks 50 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries and, to commemorate the golden anniversary, a number of events have been lined up by various organisations in Singapore.

The “Bayanihan Walk” is an annual signature event of PBSS. It is a walkathon drawing people from across all sectors of Singapore, which promotes integration of Filipinos with the Singaporean community, apart from raising funds for PBSS. Since its debut 4 years ago, the Bayanihan Walk has been attracting an increasing number of participants and sponsors each year.

Bayanihan Walk 2019 will be held on Sunday,9 June 2019.

For registration, please click here.


The PBSS 15th Anniversary Celebration. Themed “Mabuhay sa Ika – 15th BAYANIHANniversary Celebration” was held on 27 November 2016 @ One Farrer Hotel & Spa. It was an afternoon of good food and fun.

There were 300 people who attended the event. In attendance were Ambassador Antonio A Morales, Ms Zhou Suli, Deputy Director/Thailand, Philippines, Laos/Southeast Asia II of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the PBSS Board Members headed by Honorary President Ranvir Kumar Singh.

Also present were Filipino community leaders, representatives from various Filipino organisations, volunteers, performers and students of Filipino Overseas Workers in Singapore (FOWS).