Welcome to PBSS!


Our website has been revamped and we hope that you would find it refreshing, convenient and informative. PBSS was established with the support of both the governments of the Philippines and Singapore to provide a forum to cater for the educational, social and cultural needs of Filipinos in Singapore.


Since our establishment, thousands of Filipinos have benefited from the various courses and activities organized and supported by PBSS. Skills upgrading courses have allowed many to make progress in their working life. Many have acquired new hobbies from enrichment courses. Social and cultural activities have deepened friendships and expanded the social circle of many, both within the Filipino community and the mainstream Singapore community.


Our activities are constantly under review so that they remain relevant. We hope that you would have an enjoyable and productive time in participating in our activities. Do let us have your feedback in making improvements.


Wishing you all the best!

Ranvir Kumar Singh
Honorary President


On behalf of the Philippine Embassy and the Filipino Community in Singapore, I wish to congratulate the Philippine Bayanihan Society Singapore (PBSS) for the launching of it new web site.


Since it started using the internet as a communications tool with its initial web site in 2013, the reach of PBSS to the general public has significantly widened and its ability to share information on its activities and initiatives has increased tremendously.


The launching of the new web site is timely and relevant. It will enable PBSS to cater to the expanding need for information from an increasingly-wired audience with a system that is more accessible to clients using both traditional and mobile internet platforms.


The need to share information is even more necessary with new developments that have occurred with PBSS particularly under the able leadership of the current President Ranvir Kumar Singh and his fellow PBSS Board Members. These range from new activities such as the Bayanihan Walk to the repainting and renovation works as well as new spaces that are available for public use at the Philippine Bayanihan Centre.


It is satisfying to know that through the Philippine Bayanihan Centre, PBSS has truly achieved it objectives of providing a space for skills development and training for Filipinos. A number of recommendations from last year’s Conversations with PBSS have been realized including, among others, the establishment of a tambayan (meeting place), building of lockers for interested organizations, putting up a wi-fi connectivity as well as the implementation of key security and administrative adjustments that are meant to further smoothen the operation of the Centre.


All of these developments and the launching of the new web site are meant to make PBSS even more nimble and efficient and bring it even closer to its intended clients.


As patron of PBSS, I am proud of the contributions that it has made in terms forging stronger relations between the Philippines and Singapore. I am certain that it will continue to do so towards the future.


I invite everyone to visit the new PBSS web site. I also encourage all of you to continue supporting PBSS by utilizing the spaces of the Philippine Bayanihan Centre for training and meeting purposes and by participating in its regular charitable activities.


Let us all extend a hand in helping PBSS keep the bayanihan spirit alive in




H.E. Antonio A. Morales
Philippine Ambassador to Singapore