Welcome to PBSS!


Our website has been revamped and we hope that you would find it refreshing, convenient and informative. PBSS was established with the support of both the governments of the Philippines and Singapore to provide a forum to cater for the educational, social and cultural needs of Filipinos in Singapore.


Since our establishment, thousands of Filipinos have benefited from the various courses and activities organized and supported by PBSS. Skills upgrading courses have allowed many to make progress in their working life. Many have acquired new hobbies from enrichment courses. Social and cultural activities have deepened friendships and expanded the social circle of many, both within the Filipino community and the mainstream Singapore community.


Our activities are constantly under review so that they remain relevant. We hope that you would have an enjoyable and productive time in participating in our activities. Do let us have your feedback in making improvements.


Wishing you all the best!

Ranvir Kumar Singh
Honorary President


The Bayanihan Centre is a product of a cooperation agreement signed between the Government of the Philippines and the Government of Singapore. The main purpose of the Bayanihan Center is to provide a venue for social, cultural and personal development activities for Filipinos in Singapore. This Centre is managed by the Philippine Bayanihan Society in Singapore (PBSS) which was formed in 2001 and is maintained through the generous collaboration among and contributions by Singaporeans and Filipinos. 


In the two decades of its existence, the Bayanihan Centre has moved from site to site, until its relocation to the current address at 43 Pasir Panjang Road, a building provided by the Government of Singapore. The Bayanihan Centre has rooms to hold meetings, seminars and training courses, an auditorium for talks and lectures, and space for activities organized by various Filipino Community organizations. In the past two years alone, the Centre was the venue for talks on Rizal, the ethnic and indigenous cultures of the Philippines, financial literacy, business and enterprise creation, photography, personality development, and many other subjects.


The Center also provides classrooms, facilities and support for volunteers and community groups to conduct various short term courses including basic and advanced computer training, nursing aide, dressmaking, care giving, cooking and baking, cosmetology, etc.


This year, the Philippines and Singapore mark the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, and our two countries are celebrating this milestone through events that highlight the ever-strengthening cooperation, friendship and goodwill among our government, business and civil society sectors. The Bayanihan Centre will serve as a focal point for some of the events that will be held by the Filipino Community in Singapore.


As the friendship between the Philippines and Singapore grows from strength to strength, the scope of activities of the Bayanihan Centre will continue to evolve to meet the needs and interests of Filipinos in Singapore, majority of whom are now professionals, managers, executives and technicians.


I thank all the people who serve or have served as Board Members of the Philippine Bayanihan Society in Singapore, for successfully steering the Bayanihan Centre on its present course and opening the opportunities that have allowed it to progress and develop. I also thank and commend everyone who serve or has served as staff and volunteers of the Bayanihan Centre. The Filipino Community is Singapore owes you a debt of gratitude. Thank you.


Mabuhay and more power! 


H.E. Joseph Del Mar Yap
Philippine Ambassador to Singapore